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As a matter of policy, all courses and teachers get evaluated atleast once in order to keep a check on student satisfaction. Produced below are some of the comments that were received.
“Anees Hussain has set the standard in education for all to follow. I am proud to have been Anees Hussain’s first student.”
Taymur Mirza, Director, The International School of Karachi and Anees Hussain’s first SAT student in 1986
“My preparation for IBA at Anees Hussain’s helped enormously by all the tutors. The centre was fun, and the educational material was very much like the actual test at IBA…”
Faiza Azmi
“Anees Hussain’s classes were competitive and full of humor and insight. The environment created encourages students to study in groups and get to know each other. The congeniality increases enjoyment and interest, which really pays off.”
Rabia Kazmi
“Excellent teachers who explain with a lot of reasoning, provide us with great short cuts for math and tricks for improving our vocabulary”
Mujtaba Jafri
“Friendly and competent teachers who know how to communicate with the students. They create interest in their subjects by being lively and enthusiastic.”
Asif Khan
“Salman has been a great teacher and inspiration to me. The environment has been very cooperative and friendly, and has helped to boost our morale, encouraging us to work harder.”
Sameer Sarwar
“One of the best learning experiences I have ever come across. The teaching style and communication abilities of the teachers are very good. Their ability to make the classes friendly is awesome, which is the basic reason one does not hesitate in asking questions.”
Syed Sadiq
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