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Contact Information for CBM:

Korangi Creek, Karachi - 75100, Pakistan
Tel: 021-111-002-004,
021-35090961 (7 lines)
Fax: 021-35090968

Website: www.iobm.edu.pk

Our CBM Test Prep Faculty

College of Business Management, Karachi (CBM - IOBM)

Anees Hussain Courses for CBM's 2019 admissions test preparation are starting from:

Course 1 : 5th October 2018
Course 2 : 22nd October 2018
Call us NOW on the numbers below to register for these courses.

DHA Phase 4 : 021-35893385 / 35388455 / 35386815
Gulshan Branch: 021-34989588 / 34993726 / 34993996 / 0321-9289588
Bahadurabad Branch:
021-34943939 / 0303-2267893
North Nazimabad Branch: 021-36634284 / 36631160 / 0321-2333114


About CBM
The College of Business Management is the business school of IoBM (Institute of Business Management). It is the only Pakistani business school with a full-fledged research program.

IoBM is the parent body of CBM, CESD and CCSIS, with CBM as its first constituent College. CBM has produced more than 500 graduates and has strong links with Pakistan’s main multinational and national business organizations.

The College of Economics and Social Development (CESD) is CBM’s sister enterprise. It maintains the same high standards of academic excellence, discipline and personality development. Students qualifying from CESD will have preferential admission access to BBA (Hons) program at CBM and the BCS program at College of Computer Science and Information Systems (CCSIS). They may also pursue for their BA (Hons) degree courses in other liberal arts disciplines at CESD.

For more information, visit the CBM website, www.iobm.edu.pk

Teaching Methodology
The CBM admission test preparation program is one of our most successful programs. At Anees Hussain we focus on motivating students by making education fun, yet competitive. The CBM course is conducted in a classroom format. Students from different walks of life come together and work as a group towards a single goal. Our environment facilitates learning via teacher-student interaction, study groups and individual attention for weaker students.

Our program not only offers a comprehensive preparation for the aptitude test, covering all sections namely Math, English, and General Knowledge, but also extensive interview preparation, which means that our students are the best prepared.

Salient features of our methodology:
Diagnostic Test
Timed class activities
Teacher Evaluations
Full-length Tests

Our expertise in test preparation is facilitated by the years of hard work put into our study material. It has been selected and compiled from a variety of sources, including work sheets developed on each subject by Anees Hussain himself, regular up-to-date books from the different publishers and re-creations of the actual tests themselves.

About the Test
CBM's entrance test is somewhat similar to IBA's old test format. The test is strictly timed and contains the following sections:

1. Vocabulary
2. Structure and written Expression
3. Reading Comprehension
4. Writing Ability

1. Problem solving
2. Series

General Knowledge

Success Rate
Our success rate in CBM is over 60% (which means that on average, more than 60% of our students have successfully cleared the CBM admission process). This pass percentage is higher than any other test preparation center. Since the start of the CBM in 1995, more than 1110 of our students have been admitted to the college, which makes us the number ONE choice for CBM test preparation.

Course Details & Class Timings
For class schedules for CBM Test Prep classes, please call our centers below at:
DHA Phase 4 : 021-5893385 / 5388455 / 5386815
Gulshan Branch: 021-4989588 / 4993726 / 4993996 / 0321-9289588
Bahadurabad Branch:
021-4943939 / 4932953 / 0303-2267893
North Nazimabad Branch: 021-6634284 / 6631160 / 0321-2333114
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